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Project Overview

First Step Spoken English Class, an educational institute focusing on language skills, sought our expertise to establish their brand and online presence. Our task was to create a vibrant and engaging digital platform that reflects the essence of their educational services.

Client : First Step Spoken English Class

Date : November 25, 2023

Category : Spoken English Class

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Building a Digital Foundation for Educational Excellence

The collaboration with First Step Spoken English Class involved a comprehensive array of digital services

1. Branding & Logo Design: Developing the initial branding and creating a logo that captures the spirit of their educational approach.
2. Website Development: Designing and developing a children-themed WordPress website, equipped with a booking form and a blog page.
3. Blog Post Creation: Crafting an engaging blog post to enhance their content marketing strategy.
4. Promotional Video Production: Producing a character animated video with English voiceover to promote their classes effectively.
5. Hosting, Domain, and Business Email Setup: Providing reliable web hosting, domain registration, and setting up a professional business email.
6. Google Ads Campaign: Running targeted Google Ads campaigns to increase visibility and attract potential students.
7. Google Analytics and SEO: Setting up Google Analytics for performance tracking, implementing initial SEO practices for better online visibility.
8. Google Search Console and Account Setup: Creating a Google Search Console account for website monitoring and optimizing their Google account.


Check what client say

We contacted digi era tech with a basic “feel” I wanted in a website. They helped flush out the visual layout and content. Their services are bargain when you weigh the cost versus the product you receive. I will be using them again in future endeavors. Thanks again!


Founder of firststep spokenenglishclass

Final Solution and Impact

Project Outcome: Our engagement with First Step Spoken English Class resulted in a dynamic and interactive online platform that effectively showcases their educational offerings. The comprehensive digital services we provided, from website development to promotional video production, played a pivotal role in establishing their brand in the digital education space. The successful implementation of these solutions has enhanced their online presence, attracting more students and solidifying their reputation as a quality educational provider.

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